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Aluminum Fence in Raleigh, NC

AAA Fence & Deck is renowned for its premium aluminum fencing, combining elegance, security, and durability. Our ornamental aluminum fences are ideal for both residential and commercial properties, expertly designed to withstand Raleigh’s diverse weather conditions with minimal maintenance. This makes them the perfect choice for enhancing the aesthetic appeal and security of any outdoor space.

Partner with one of the leading fencing contractors in North Carolina and customize your way with our tailored aluminum fencing installation. Our installation crew has mastered perfection at any stage, whether it involves improving curb appeal or securing a commercial property. Quality materials are supported by high-quality craftsmanship, ensuring your new fence is there to stay. Assure yourself with a professionally installed fence that brings lasting value and beauty to your property with AAA Fence & Deck.

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Why Choose AAA Fence & Deck Company For Aluminum Fence Installation?

When it comes to aluminum fencing installation in Raleigh NC, AAA Fence and Deck Company stands out as a leading fence company for its exceptional quality and customer-centric approach. Here’s why choosing us is the best decision for your fencing needs:

Decades of Experience and Expertise

AAA Fence and Deck’s extensive experience in the fencing industry spans over three decades of providing top-notch fencing solutions in Raleigh, NC. Our long-standing presence in the area is a testament to our expertise and reliability. We are certified, insured, and highly recommended by our customers. Trust our extensive knowledge and experience to handle your project with confidence, providing top-quality fencing that meets your needs and enhances your property.

High-Quality Material and Craftsmanship

We use premium materials and exceptional craftsmanship in all our projects. Our partnerships with renowned brands like Southern Vinyl Manufacturing ensure that every aluminum fence we install is durable and aesthetically pleasing. Our skilled craftsmen pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring superior results for both residential and commercial properties. Trust us for aluminum fencing installation in Raleigh, NC, and experience the finest workmanship in the industry.

Comprehensive Service Offerings

We offer a full range of services to ensure a seamless experience for our clients. From initial design consultations to professional installation, our team guides you through every step. We provide personalized consultations to understand your needs and preferences, followed by meticulous installation by our expert installation crew. Our comprehensive approach covers everything from design to completion, ensuring your fencing requirements are met with precision and care.

Customized Solutions

Our expert team provides tailored fencing solutions to meet each client’s unique needs. We create designs according to your requirements and elevate them to meet your aesthetic preference. Our versatility in fencing materials and styles, ranging from ornamental aluminum fencing to a more traditional kind, allows us to satisfy clients’ diverse demands and tastes. 

Eco-Friendly Practices

AAA Fence & Deck prioritizes sustainability and environmental responsibility in our fencing solutions. We employ eco-conscious installation methods and use eco-friendly materials wherever possible to minimize environmental impact. While doing so, we do not compromise on quality and deliver high quality fences for all the fencing projects. Aligning with us means getting a high-quality fence while supporting reliable business practices that help preserve the environment.

Permit and HOA Preparation

At AAA Fence & Deck, we handle all necessary permits and HOA preparations, meeting the local regulations and homeowners’ association rules. Our team takes care of the local fencing requirements and ensures that your new aluminum fence meets all necessary standards, providing peace of mind throughout the fencing installation process.

Advantages of Installing Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing installation from AAA Fence & Deck Company offers several benefits for your Raleigh, NC, fencing needs. Here are some of the major advantages our clients enjoy from this versatile fencing solution:

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Renowned for their exceptional strength and resilience, aluminum fences can handle various environmental factors without rusting, rotting, or warping. Our high-quality aluminum fences can withstand the harshest conditions of North Carolina’s diverse climate while maintaining their structural integrity and appearance for years. This durable fence guarantees long-lasting protection and aesthetic appeal, making it the go-to choice for residential and commercial properties.

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Low Maintenance

Unlike wood or chain link fences, aluminum fences are easy to maintain and require minimal care to retain their original appearance and functionality. All you need is a simple occasional rinse with a garden hose to keep your aluminum fence pristine. With no need for frequent painting or staining, it helps save our clients time, money, and effort, making it an ideal choice for busy homeowners and businesses in Raleigh, Durham, and surrounding areas.

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Along with durability, aesthetic appeal, and low maintenance, aluminum fencing offers robust privacy and security. Our aluminum fencing installation services provide a strong barrier to keep intruders out and keep your property secure. Thanks to its sturdy construction and secure design, it can’t be easily breached or damaged. Whether for a commercial complex or a residential backyard, our aluminum fences offer peace of mind without compromising on aesthetics. 

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From classic ornamental aluminum fencing to sleek modern designs, we have a diversified system that provides various colors, styles, and designs to complement any architectural style. Depending on the fencing applications required, we tailor our fence products for pool enclosures, decorative front or backyard fences, or a secure perimeter for your office or commercial space.

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Investing in aluminum fencing is cost-effective and adds value to your property. Its durability and low maintenance reduce long-term costs, making it a wise investment. The aesthetic appeal of well-designed aluminum fencing can also increase your property’s beauty and overall value. Our clients consistently report a great experience with their investment in our aluminum fencing solutions, appreciating both the immediate and long-term benefits.

Aluminum Fence Styles We Offer in Raleigh, NC

Personalization is key to a successful fence installation. Our collaboration with Southern Vinyl allows us to offer a wide variety of styles.

3–Rail Rake Bottom

3 – Rail Rake Bottom

3–Rail Rake Bottom Double Pkt

3 – Rail Rake Bottom Double Pkt

3-Rail Closed Spear-Point

3 – Rail Closed Spear – Point

3–Rail Smooth Bottom

3 – Rail Smooth Bottom

2-Rail Smooth Bottom

2 – Rail Smooth Bottom

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Other Locations We Serve

AAA Fence and Deck proudly extend our high-quality aluminum fence installation services beyond Raleigh, NC, to the surrounding areas, including:

Call us at 984-333-5313 or email to schedule a free consultation and receive a quote for your ornamental aluminum fence or railing installation. Visit our office at 5306 Creedmoor Road, Raleigh, NC 27612, for a personalized discussion about your decorative fencing and railing needs. Our team is available 24/7 to provide expert guidance and support, ensuring your project starts right with a complimentary estimate.